Supporting Sports Clubs

Our support of local sports clubs is aimed at ensuring participation is an option for as many as possible. Many clubs are challenged by increasing compliance costs, a lack of income during the pandemic and lower participation levels than pre-COVID. We invest across a broad range of sports and support specific projects and initiatives.

We are very grateful to have received sponsorship to purchase a defibrillator through the Restart the Heart program. Having access to the defibrillator has enabled AUSC to provide a safer environment to all our club members, their families, AUSC visitors, local residents and users of the Dorothy Laver West Reserve. Whilst we hope it is not often needed, it is wonderful to have access to such life saving equipment, thanks to the Community Bank.

Ashburton United Soccer Club

Multicultural Football Clinics
The support we have received from the Community Bank has been enormous for our community programs, allowing us to run Footy 4 Fun clinics for over 200 kids from multicultural backgrounds with our AFL, VFL and VFLW players. After two years of not being able to engage with our local community, these clinics have been a great way for us to re-connect and use our platform to encourage kids to get back outside and be active.

Box Hill Hawks Football Club

Strategic Planning
Community sporting clubs are facing a challenging future. On field and off field standards and governance are increasing in number and complexity, whilst members expectations on the quality of experience for players of all abilities are also increasing. Considering this, and after two years of disrupted seasons and limited income, we realised we needed help resetting our focus and planning for our future. The Community Bank grant provided us the funds to undertake a dedicated piece of work to assess the current state of our Club, undertake a planning workshop and pull together an operational and strategic plan. This plan was then used to set priorities to ensure we are a long-term sustainable community sporting club.

Waverley Hockey Club

Other News

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December 8, 2023

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Peter Warner OAM- Winner Dick Menting Community Champion Award 2023

November 16, 2023

Peter Warner has been involved with the Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club for 67 years. Joining the club as a player at aged 14 in 1955, he was elected President on 4 separate occasions over this period. He stepped down for the final time on 6 August 2023. Peter has been heavily involved in the growth…
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Kieran & Joanne Colgan- Winners Dick Menting Community Champion Award 2023

November 16, 2023

Kieran and Joanne Colgan have played an integral role at the Burwood Uniting Canterbury Cricket Club for many years. Kieran has been the facilities manager for more than ten years. At the Club most nights, he ensures the facilities are the best operated in the competition. Ground management, cleaning, match day preparation, repairs and maintenance…
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