Our Story

Our Story

We support community-led initiatives that empower local organisations to drive solutions. We foster collaboration and build long term partnerships that create impact in our community and enable projects to fruition.

Inner East Community Finance Limited (IECF) is a partnership between our community and Bendigo Bank. Under a franchise agreement with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, we operate the Community Bank branches in Ashburton, Balwyn, Canterbury and Surrey Hills.

The profit from these branches enables us to make local investments that support our community to grow and thrive. We keep money here in our community, driving growth, jobs and local financial resilience.

This helps make our community a great place to live, work and do business. The ‘Community’ in ‘Community Bank’ is not just a name. Community members have been involved from the start, and community members are still the driving force behind our success.

We promise to return 60 per cent of earnings back to the community through our Community Investment Program. We offer sponsorship and grants to local organisations to facilitate their valuable activities in building and strengthening our community. We focus on organisations that aim to improve community links and provide services that benefit the local community.


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