4 Types of Organisations That We Support with Investment Loans

Many organisations have a lot of great ideas that could benefit society if given the right resources. However, without the necessary financial aid, these ideas often remain just that – ideas.

This is where organisations like Inner East Community Finance (IECF) step in, providing investment loans to support these organisations and their initiatives. But what types of organisations does IECF support?

In this article, we will explore the four main types of organisations that can benefit from investment loans from IECF.

1) Community groups and events

Community groups and events are at the heart of every community. These organisations bring people together, foster a sense of belonging, and provide valuable services and resources to their members.

Examples of community groups and events that we support include:

  • Scout groups,
  • Trader associations
  • Rotary clubs and probus clubs
  • Community festivals and events

Our goal is to help organisations that aim to improve the local community somehow, whether by providing resources and support to members or organising events that bring people together.

2) Community welfare organisations

We also support community welfare organisations that are aimed at helping people who are less privileged or in need of extra support. Examples of community welfare organisations that we support include:

  • Aged care and seniors
  • Disability organisations
  • Neighbourhood houses and centres
  • Parent support groups

Our investment loans can provide these organisations with the necessary funds to continue their important work and positively impact the lives of those they serve.

3) Schools and early childhood organisations

Investing in education is crucial for creating a better society for future generations. That’s why IECF supports schools and early childhood organisations that aim to provide quality education and care to children.

Some examples of these organisations include:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Early learning centres and toy libraries
  • Special schools

With our investment loans, these organisations can improve their facilities, purchase new resources, and provide more opportunities for children to learn and grow.

4) Sporting clubs

Sporting clubs and organisations play an important role in promoting physical activity, teamwork, and community spirit. However, they often struggle with funding for equipment, facilities, and events.

At IECF, we recognise the importance of these organisations in building strong communities. We offer investment loans to help them reach their full potential.

What Regions Does IECF Support?


At IECF, we support local organisations and clubs in Canterbury, Ashburton, Surrey Hills, and Balwyn areas.

If your organisation is located within any of these areas and you need support, don’t hesitate to apply for support.


At IECF, we believe that investing in organisations that aim to make a positive impact on society is crucial for building strong and thriving communities.

We support a wide range of organisations with investment loans, including community groups and events, community welfare organisations, schools and early childhood organisations, and sporting clubs.

If you need support or have questions that you would like for us to clarify, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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